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Foreign passport in Kiev

Foreign passport of Ukraine

 You need to quickly issue a passport in Kiev, our Center will help you do this, without standing in queues, at a convenient time for you, at a very low price. The term for issuing a passport of Ukraine does not exceed seven days. Our Center pays special attention to the citizens of our state who want to issue a biometric passport of Ukraine, whose internal passports were obtained in the Crimea, or in the eastern regions of our country.

All categories of citizens of our country who wish to freely enter the territory of the European Union can issue a biometric passport in Kiev, without paying visa fees and issuing additional visas.

According to the new rules, for children, it is also necessary to issue a biometric passport of Ukraine, previously the child was "entered" in the passport of the parents, but now the rules have been changed. The new biometric passport differs from the usual one, only by the presence of an electronic chip, with the printed information: name, surname of the owner of the document, date and place of birth, signature, fingerprints, date of issue, validity period, photo, document number, identifier of the body that issued the passport, unique identifier of the person.


Foreign passport in Kiev — to issue cheap, officially, quickly

 Passport Kiev, or how much it costs and how quickly you can get a passport in Kiev. Our Legal Center provides one of the most favorable conditions on the market, a biometric passport service in Kiev, with our help you can get it in just seven days. We offer our clients only realistic terms for which we will be able to fulfill our obligations, we work in strict accordance with the norms of Ukrainian legislation, and our price will be able to pleasantly surprise you.

You need to choose the time of your visit to us, and everything else is our work. Submitting documents for registration will take no more than 10 — 15 minutes. The specialists of the Center registration in Kiev will check your documents for correctness and sufficiency, if any documents are not enough, they will promptly take the missing ones, help fill out the necessary applications, pay the state fee, and bring the passport of Ukraine into the hands of Kiev. If required, we will help you to issue, get a second biometric passport in Kiev — the legislation of Ukraine allows this.


Biometric foreign passport in Kiev — documents, procedure, who needs to issue


  • Internal passport of Ukraine, or a new plastic passport with a certificate of registration (if any), copies are not required.
  • The tax (identification) code can be (not the original), it is not necessary to make a copy.
  • If you have a valid passport, take it with you.



  • Application submission.
  • Digital photography.
  • Electronic signature.
  • Scanning the index fingers of both hands.
  • Scanning documents.
  • Payment of duty.


Who needs to register:

  • For Ukrainian citizens wishing to travel outside our country without obtaining visas and paying visa fees, this applies not only to the countries of the European Union. To travel to other countries, you can use valid old-style passports. According to the new rules, biometric passports of Ukraine must be issued for each child separately.
  • Compatriots who wish to cross the border through checkpoints with automated systems installed. The so-called "electronic gate", which automatically checks your biometric data with the information stored on the chip of the passport. Countries with an available automated system at the borders at airports: Germany, USA, Indonesia, Portugal, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore.


Registration of the foreign passport for a child from 0 to 12 years

  • A high-quality photograph of a child's face, size 10 x 15, on a white background (the face should occupy 80% of the entire photo, the mouth is closed, the eyes are looking at the camera).
  • Birth certificate.
  • The presence of children is not required.
  • If at the birth of the child, the father or mother had the citizenship of another country, it is necessary to provide a certificate confirming the child's belonging to Ukrainian citizenship.
  • The presence of one of the parents with a passport is required.
  • Payment of administrative fee.


Registration of the foreign passport for a child from 14 to 16 years old

  • Mandatory presence at the time of filing documents for a child from 12 years old.
  • Passport "plastic card" with an extract of registration from the age of 14, if any.
  • Tax number, if any.
  • The presence of parents with internal passports of Ukraine.
  • Payment of administrative fee.

Advantages of using the new biometric foreign passport of Ukraine:

  • Entry to the territory of Europe without opening a tourist visa and paying a visa fee for three months.
  • The ability to cross the border through automated systems.
  • Thanks to the biometric data on the chip, it is easy to cross the border.
  • If the document is lost, there is no possibility of being used by third parties.
  • Lack of prejudiced attitude of the border guards.
  • High labor intensity of forging a new passport.
  • Ten years is the validity period.

Disadvantages of the new biometric foreign passport of Ukraine:

  • When the passport is folded, there is a high probability of chip failure.
  • The ability to track your location.
  • The payment for the registration of a biometric document is higher than the usual one.
  • When the chip is hacked, your data can get to intruders and can be used for criminal purposes.
  • The duration of production due to the excitement.

A biometric passport is issued for adults for 10 years, and for minors for 4 years.

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