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Citizenship of Ukraine

Ukrainian passport

 How to get Citizenship of Ukraine, what is necessary for every citizen of a foreign state to know about Ukrainian citizenship.

 To be a citizen of a state is a huge privilege that gives security, protection and "care", since everyone, especially European or American society, protects its citizens wherever they are. The Ukrainian state does not care much for its citizens, like the US, but still, especially abroad, there is some concern.

 But we must not forget that if a foreigner has already entered the citizenship of Ukraine, he acquires not only the rights and freedoms of a citizen of Ukraine, but also the duties of a citizen of our state. And the main duty is to protect Ukraine's new homeland, like all other citizens of our country.

 After the receipt of the passport of Ukraine, the foreigner must issue a registration certificate or a military ticket, and accordingly become registered. This is especially true when a foreign citizen (already a citizen of Ukraine) will want to register a registration. Registration at the address is conducted only if there is a statement for military registration in the local military registration and enlistment office, at the address of the future registration. That is, as soon as a former foreigner became a military accountant, he gets the full right to register in Kyiv or anywhere else in Ukraine.

 All foreign citizens wishing to enter the citizenship of Ukraine must understand and be aware of, and be prepared for a heavy, stretched in time, up to one year, and sometimes even longer, a tedious process. Even if there are good reasons, all the necessary documents, all the certificates – this is not yet a guarantee that citizenship will be obtained. It is necessary to go through all the bureaucratic formalities and legal subtleties, and even communication with officials from the SMS for a foreign citizen may not be tolerable.

 Managers of the Center legal residence and registration in Kiev will assess the real possibility of registering citizenship, organize the receipt of necessary certificates, pay all required payments, make translations of documents and will bring a foreigner to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

 One of the basic requirements for the successful execution of documents (in order to be accepted at all) and obtaining citizenship is registration in a "good" apartment. As registration in a dwelling in which many people are registered is not suitable. We will pick up and prescribe in the apartment, "suitable" for successful entry into the citizenship of Ukraine. After the registration in Kiev will be made, we can say that 99% of business done, because it is due to the registration occurs most failures.

 If there is a need, we will help you to issue a certificate confirming the citizenship of your child.

 Citizens of Ukraine were granted visa-free entry to the countries of the European Union, and accordingly the value of obtaining citizenship of our country has increased incredibly.

 Exhaustive information on the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship is set out in the Law "On Citizenship of Ukraine", which regulates procedural aspects and details of obtaining (registration) of Ukrainian citizenship.

Below we have placed the most up-to-date text of this law:


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