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Residence permit in Ukraine

Residence permit in Ukraine

 Residence permit in Ukraine, the procedure for registration, what you need to consider, to know the foreign citizen, for obtaining it, registration sertificates for residence permit.

 Residence permit of Ukraine is the right fixed by the legislation of our country, both stateless persons and citizens of a foreign state, to live, work, freely enter and leave, conduct entrepreneurial, or any other legislation of Ukraine permitted activities on the territory of our state. The only restriction is the time, the validity of the residence permit.

 The residence permit and registration Center provides minimum prices, in comparison with other companies offering similar services. Our company works strictly in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. According to the new rules, which came into force on June 1 this year, the renewal period, or the new registration of the temporary residence permit, can not be less than 15 days, if the permanent residence permit is issued, then from four to six months.

 Specialists of our Center will help the foreigner in his presence, register the registration (register in Kiev). All registration activities are performed legally, cheaply, quickly, in just a few hours. Our managers will help quickly collect the required documents, make the necessary translations, overcome all bureaucratic obstacles, arrange comfortable conditions for submitting documents to the SMS of Ukraine without queues, we will pay all payments. In general, we will bring the foreign citizen to the receipt of the cherished residence permit of Ukraine in the hands.

 If a foreigner has not been able to register the place of residence within the time allotted for the law, and this takes thirty days, registration becomes impossible, as the migration rules are violated. If this happens, we will organize a visit to the SMS, to register fines and obtain the protocols required for the registration.


Residence permit in Ukraine for Russians

 There are no differences between citizens of any state and citizens of Russia (Russians), in comparison with other categories of foreigners, relations between our states – the rules are the same for all.

 A foreigner legally staying in Ukraine, and having obtained a residence permit, in accordance with the migration rules and rules for the registration of foreigners in our country, is obliged to formalize the registration (place of registration) in a short time. Our price for registration can surprise you. In the event that a foreigner wants to change the place of registration, according to the registration rules, he is given to it for up to thirty days, and not by day more. The most important thing to consider is the date printed in the permit for residence permit, and the actual date of receipt in the hands of the permit for residence permit in the SMS, may not coincide. The thirty days must be counted from the date printed in the certificate. If the dates of receipt in the hands and printed in the certificate do not substantially coincide, then upon receipt of the certificate, require from the inspector of the SMS, a certificate of the real date of issuance of the residence permit. When the document is received, the thirty-day date for registration will be indicated in this certificate.


The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

 In a few words, we will describe the general procedure for obtaining residence permit in Ukraine, in reality, everything is much longer and tedious:

  • We collect the required documents, translations, insurance.
  • To come to the central or regional SMS of Ukraine.
  • Without errors, fill in all the required applications, pay (necessarily) the fee and hand over the documents for registration.
  • If everything goes well, get a certificate.


 Below are the main provisions of the legislation as to which procedure for obtaining residence permit is valid in Ukraine.


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