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Ukrainian passport

Ukrainian passport

You need to issue, change your passport in Kiev to (ID card), our Center will help you do this. Our experts will help you to issue, replace the passport of Ukraine in Kiev quickly, legally, without queues, and at the lowest price. An internal biometric passport is issued no more than nine days. Compatriots, whose passports of Ukraine were issued in Crimea, or in the east of our country and who want to change the passport of Ukraine, we pay special attention.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine (ID card) – to issue quickly, cheaply, legally

What is the price, or how much it costs, and how long it takes to get a passport in Kiev. Our Center provides the best conditions for registration. We can issue an internal biometric passport in Kiev in just eight to nine days. Our Center offers the Kiev passport service for an exceptionally realistic time frame, for which we will accurately fulfill our obligations, and our prices will be able to pleasantly surprise you, we work in accordance with all the norms of Ukrainian legislation.

YYou are required to decide on the time of the visit, and we will quickly arrange the rest. The very application for a passport, usually does not take more than 10 or 15 minutes. The managers of the Registration Center in Kiev will qualitatively check the legality and sufficiency of the documents, in case of lack of any certificates, they will organize the receipt of the missing documents, if not, the registration in Kiev will help to register, pay the necessary government payments, and will guide you until you receive an internal biometric passports of Ukraine.

Internal biometric passport in Kiev (ID card) – who needs to issue or change, documents, procedure

Who needs to register:

  • For the first time – to citizens of our country, from age of 14.
  • If your passport is lost or stolen.
  • In case of change of name, surname or patronymic.
  • If there have been changes to the information entered earlier in the passport.
  • When errors are found in the document.
  • If the document has become unusable.
  • Expired (ID card).
  • If a citizen of Ukraine has overdue the insertion of a photo into a passport for more than one month.


  • Original passport with a stamp on registration or extract, or ID card with Form 13 on registration.
  • A document confirming the circumstances in connection with which the passport is exchanged (when changing the name, surname or patronymic).
  • Original document of marital status (if any).


  • Submission of a package of documents up to 15 minutes.
  • Digitization of a photo of a face, fingerprints, signatures.
  • Scanning documents.
  • Receipt of payment of the duty.

Information entered into the biometric passport of Ukraine:

  • Name of the document and country.
  • Full name, gender, date of birth.
  • Individual card number.
  • Tax Code.
  • Information about the date of issue and expiration of the card.
  • The digital identifier of the organization that issued the card.
  • Place of Birth.
  • Individual signature, face photo, fingerprints (in digital format).

Advantages of the new biometric passport of Ukraine:

  • Small card size.
  • It's hard to fake.
  • Made of high quality durable plastic and is not afraid of moisture, scratches.
  • The applied digital signature.
  • It is possible to travel to Turkey and Georgia, new countries will join in the near future.
  • Downloading to the state digital service "Diya" is available.
  • The ability to write an electronic digital signature on the chip.

Disadvantages of a new biometric passport of Ukraine:

  • Lack of modules for reading information from a document.
  • The problem of changing the previously entered information.
  • Only issued for 10 years.
  • The first passport from 14 years old is issued for only 4 years.
  • It is necessary to carry a registration certificate with a passport.
  • Does not replace your international passport.

Dear compatriots, we work for you and thanks to you, providing all services promptly, efficiently and absolutely legally.

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