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The law about a residence or registration in Ukraine

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 You need information about the concept of a registration in Kiev, if you want to find a law on registration, or in the old way, the law on residence. Below we have posted the answers to the most important, in our opinion, questions that may interest you. We tried to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date information.

 A bit of history. Before the collapse of the Union, the notion of a residence permit as an institution (registration) limited any migration processes within the country. The registration was a powerful mechanism for universal control over citizens. Most importantly, due to the registration, each person was tightly attached to a certain locality, and it was practically impossible to change the place of residence, especially from rural to urban.

 Beginning in the 2000s, a familiarity to all of us residence, was replaced by a new registration – according to the idea a new concept, but in the majority, the rules of the old residence were inherited. The main difference was not allowed – compulsory, and the notifying principle of registration. The essence of innovation is that we simply notify our state about where we are going to live for the next six months, throughout the year. The registration itself and the time for which state bodies should hold it – limited to one day. Notwithstanding the democratic nature of registration, and greater freedom, in practice, in daily, modern life, registration, as well as earlier registration, continues to be relevant, and in the near future will continue to be required in many areas: in the exchange of the old (1993 release) passport for a new one, when registering social benefits, for issuing a visa, for registering a driver's license, for registering a business, for a prestigious job, for carrying out various banking operations, for obtaining medical services, for arranging children to school, during operations, purchase and sale of immovable property, for the registration of foreign citizens who are lawfully on the territory of our state and have a residence permit.

 Following the law that finally regulated the functional activities of local (administrations) authorities, and the rules for providing administrative services to people, No 888-VIII, dated December 10, 2015, all registration actions are performed by local administrations, previously the Migration Service was aware of this and through passport tables – the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is for this reason that the passport desks and "passportists" were abolished.

 According to the law No1382-IV, adopted on November 11, 2003, "free movement and freedom of choice of residence (registration)" were approved. The law clearly specifies the procedure for registration. If you wish to get acquainted with this legally approved document on the registration of a place (simply about residence) in Ukraine, or according to the rules of registration in our country that are familiar to us, then we specially for you have posted the text of the law, the original version can be found on the website VR of Ukraine.


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