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 You need to understand the term registration in Kiev or registration, or you want to read the law on registration of residence, or the law on registration. Next, we posted concise registration information and answers to common questions about registration. We provide the most relevant and most comprehensive information about registration in Ukraine.

 Historical data. In the days of the Soviet Union, the modern registration institution existed in the form of registration, which was a strong deterrent restricting the migration of the population in the country and tied the person to a specific address of residence. The registration was a tough mechanism restricting not only migration within the country itself, but it especially hindered the movement of villagers into cities. It got to the point of absurdity when the passports of rural residents were kept in the safes of directors of collective farms or state farms. It was very difficult to change the place of registration, which ensured the constancy of the number of people in each region of the country. It was very convenient for the state, but it created huge obstacles to the population in everyday life. To change the registration, and accordingly the place of residence, I had to serve in the army, go to nationwide construction sites, go to college, marry a person registered in another place.

 Since November 14, 2001 in Ukraine, the Constitutional Court has recognized the residence permit (registration) as not constitutional, one which does not meet democratic standards and significantly limits the freedom of movement of citizens within the country. And only two years later, a law was adopted on the consolidated movement and free choice by each citizen of their place of residence in Ukraine, which greatly facilitated the lives of ordinary citizens and abolished the institution of registration and introduced the institution of registration. The essence of registration is that we notify the state of the place (address) in which we plan to live more than six months a year. But in practice, everything in life has changed only since April 2016, it was the Cabinet of Ministers that adopted Resolution No. 207, which regulated all the practical aspects of registration. Now, for registration of your place of residence, you must present: a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a certificate of ownership of housing, an application, payment of state fees.

Registration of a citizen of Ukraine must be completed by state authorities within one day. If a citizen of Ukraine or a foreign citizen wants to check out in one place and register in another, the law gives it 30 days. Now simultaneous deregistration in one place and registration at a new address are available. The result of registration actions is an entry in the electronic register of registered persons. Despite the democratic registration procedure, and its comparative simplicity, where registration was previously required, registration is now required there, this is due to the fact that the regional budgets are calculated based on the number of residents, respectively, registered persons in a certain administrative territory. The budgets of schools, kindergartens, social services, military registration and enlistment offices, utilities and many others are calculated from the number of registered persons in a certain territory. Registration, as before, and registration is necessary for the development of regions, because it allows the state to have objective data on the number of residents in each city or settlement, and then use this information to plan local budgets.

Foreign citizens, on a par with the citizens of our country, must, after obtaining the status of residence permit or permanent residence, register. And this must be done in 1 month. If a foreigner could not register within the allotted 30 days, this is an administrative violation. A foreigner needs to explain to the Migration Service why he did not apply for registration, pay fines both for himself and for the receiving party (husband, wife, institute, company), receive protocols on payment of an administrative offense, and immediately register his place of residence.

The rules for the provision of administrative services to the population were legally regulated, and the activities of local authorities (administrations), No. 888-VIII, dated 10.12.2015, registration actions were transferred from the Migration Service (passport offices), which was in charge of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to local state administrations. That is why "passportists" disappeared in our housing department.

 In the law of 11.11.2003, No. 1382-IV, the freedom to choose a place of residence (registration) and movement was “established”. Law and regulation developed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 207 spelled out in detail the registration procedure (registration). If you need to familiarize yourself with this document on registration in our country, according to the more familiar about the rules of registration, especially for you, we have posted the full text of this law, the original of which is freely available on the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


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